Potential Kitchen Fire

When is the last time you looked under your kitchen exhaust hood or at the air filter under the microwave oven above the cooking range?

A good home inspector looks under exhaust hoods and microwave ovens for greasy air filters.

Greasy air filter are a potential fire concern – especially, if someone cooks with a flame in the skillet.

Failing to change or clean a greasy air filter creates a number of potential hazards including increased greasy buildup on the interior of your exhaust hood, inside the microwave oven exhaust flue, on exterior surfaces of your kitchen cabinets and walls, countertops and floors.

Leaving grease filters in place too long dramatically increases the risk of fire entering duct work and spreading through a house.

The inspector’s recommendation: wash the air filter in the dishwasher or replace it.

Schedule an inspection – mention “I’d like a peace of mind inspection” – Save $25